We ♡ to build business solutions. You can focus on your business and
leave the software and infrastructure to us.

About Us

We provide affordable enterprise cloud solution to your business. You can focus on your core activities leaving things that can be automated to us.

Cloud means reduced cost in having enterprise software.



We are a group of freelance software-engineers, designers, and business development executives. We will study and understand your business process and build a cloud product to automate your work & preserve your business intelligence - the most valuable asset of any organization.

We research your industry, provide useful insights, and help you go digital. All our solutions are built on top of our Empire platform. It means customizability without compromising on reliability.

Our Services

Our Services

We provide the following suite of services.

Custom Cloud Solution

We build custom cloud software for your business

Web Design

A website is the business's face to the world. It is responsible for converting curious visitors to leads and in turn to customers. We build strategic,intuitive,responsive, and SEO friendly website.

Brand Identity

A good brand to a customer means trust of assured quality and reliability. We know how to convey and help you deliver these two factors without a huge marketing budget.

Operations Strategy

We will make an in-depth case study of your business's activities and provide right technical solutions to enhance productivity amongst other things.

Customer Education

Free & open source software are as reliable as paid alternatives. Studying your business we can help you migrate to free software at a fraction of the cost

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